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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Katrina Kaif in Tees Mar Khan

Katrina Kaif - Bollywood Beauty in Tees Mar Khan

Katrina Kaif- Bollywood Beauty
Katrina Kaif- Bollywood Beauty
Katrina Kaif- Bollywood BeautyKatrina Kaif- Bollywood BeautyKatrina Kaif News Updates! Katrina Kaif gets ready to give Munni big competition with her hot item number Sheila Ki Jawani in her December release Tees Mar Khan.

The actress claims that her sexy look was one of the reasons she signed on Farah Khan's film, as the 'women in Farah's films are very glamourous.'

But, as she tells that she would never aspire to be a size zero. Katrina also gets candid about her relationship with co-star Akshay Kumar and Barbie dolls.

What kind of movies would you like to work in: serious, comedy or a blend of both?

I signed Farah's film thinking it would be an intense film. Halfway through, I felt 'oh god it's different. Now what do I do?' [smiles]

On a serious note, all the films I have done so far have served different purposes. For example, in Raajneeti, I wanted to experience Prakashji's (Jha) dramatic approach to filmmaking.

Similarly, I signed Farah's film because I knew no other director could present me the way she could. The women in Farah's films are very glamorous. And the highlight for me were the songs.

And she did not let me down. Everything from looks to what I was looking to portray far exceeded what I have done before.

Katrina Kaif hottest video song!

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gaurav sharma on November 25, 2010 at 10:11 PM said...

very good katrina...tees maar khan whould be a geat hit like the sond "Sheila Ki Jawani" of this movie & you have done very well in this song...
nice wallpapers...

Bollywood Masala

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