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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Katrina Kaif - Sheila Ki Jawaani - Tees Maar Khan

Sheila Ki Jawaani - Tees Maar Khan Full video Song

Katrina Kaif hottest video song! With Sheela ki Jawaani becoming a chartbuster, MiD DAY speaks to a few Sheelas to find out how they are coping with all the ribbing and the attention

While the chartbuster Sheela ki Jawani from Tees Maar Khan may get your feet tapping every time you hear it, spare a moment to think about all the Sheelas in the world who are suddenly finding themselves ribbed by everyone they know.

And, with Katrina Kaif's sexy act in the song only compounding problems for them, MiD DAY speaks to a few Sheelas to see how they are reacting to all the attention.

For Divya Nandrajog, the song was something she needed to download the moment she heard it. For, she wanted to play it as soon as her grandmother Sheela Tanwar entered the house.

"I thought she would get angry, but she was all cool and calm. She sat with us and heard the whole song," said Divya.

When Sheela Tanwar was asked what her reaction to the song was, she said, "I really didn't know how to react. The kids were having fun, though, so I didn't want to spoil it for them. They kept playing it and I heard it."

The Sharmas, too, used the song to tease their granny. "We used to tease her by calling her Sheela darling, but the song has given us a new way of pulling her leg," said Monika Sharma.

Granny Sheela Sharma (80) does not approve of the song, however. "Aajkal kuch bhi words daalke gaana bana dete hai yeh filmwale," is her reaction every time she hears the song.

On her 26th birthday on Monday, most of the messages Sheila Joseph received congratulated her on entering another year of her jawaani.

Joseph says the song has truly made her the centre of attention among her friends and that she is surprised at the number of different jokes that people are coming up with.

"On my birthday, most of the wishes had the song's first line in it. I am not angry at being teased with the song. It amuses me," said Joseph.

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