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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hisss' Hollywood release delayed

Mallika Sherawat's Hisss movie release date, review, story description, trailer.

While Mallika Sherawat's much-awaited film Hisss will hit the theatres next week in India, its international version will not reach Hollywood before January next year.

Directed by Jennifer Lynch, Hisss was to have a grand release across US theatres on October 22,along with the desi version, reports Mid Day..

Govind Menon tells the tabloid, "We are not releasing it across USA now as we are building up the film a bit. The English version will release in January 2011. Many Hollywood films don't release on the same day across the world. There is some serious promotional work left for us to do."

The film will be released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu this week and in Malayalam the next week.

Menon adds, "The international version with subtitles will also release in Malaysia, Australia, UK, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa the same week. That's Phase 1. Phase 2 will see Hisss have a theatrical release in Hollywood. There has been no talk of a DVD release. We will also have the next release in East Asia in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and countries there."

Mallika Sherawat's Hisss movie trailer

What is the movie all about?

The story is about a Naagin, with the special effects of Hollywood, which means, desi film mai vedeshi tadka.

What is your role in the movie?

The role is of a Nagin whose Naag has been captured and she is taking the revenge from the culprits.

Who is the best onscreen kisser till now?

(Laughs) The best supporting kisser up till now is the snake, whom I have kissed in the movie.

What kind of homework did you do before shooting the film?

Well, I had gone through the mythological stories on snakes and had also seen the Indian and Chinese movies based on similar concept.

If we compare Hisss with other movies based on snakes, where do you think your movie stands?

You know what; Hisss is the baap of all.

According to you, which actress fits in the role of a Naagin other than you in Bollywood?

There are many of them, but they will all be born in future.

Is the movie's concept from India or abroad?

But obvious, the concept of the movie is from India.

Do you really believe in such mythologies?

I very much believe that Ichha dhari Naagin exists same as Ramayana and Mahabarata.

What challenges did you face while shooting for the movie?

The makeup took me 6 hours and I was not even able to answer the call of nature for long, which was actually challenging.

Which Bollywood actor do you want to kiss?

I won't answer this question.

Do you believe that the movie will be a hit overseas?

Yes, of course it will be a great hit abroad as Naagin is known to be the fertility goddess and people are very fascinated with the mythologies of India.

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