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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dead Space 2 - New Arrival

Dead Space 2 Looks To Reality Over Films.

Dead Space 2 may be a long way off but the original left us so traumatised we're getting ready for the inevitable horror onslaught now

The first Dead Space managed to blend lots of sci-fi staple cliche’s and terror into a unique and horrible experience, but according to Ian Milham, Art Director on Dead Space 2, the sequel is moving away from the more obvious inspirations.

Dead Space - Ch. 01 - New Arrivals [1/3]

“Although we look at successful films to see what they’ve done, we really try to study the real world," Milham told NowGamer. "For a horror story to work, the player really has to believe the world, so he or she can believe what happens there and not think it’s a fantasy. So we study what makes a world real believable and have a solid grounding. What makes an airport feel like an airport and not some other setting? What makes a room feel like a real room and not a bunch of polygons? Those are the questions we’re asking ourselves all the time. We find that settings that are trying too hard to be scary frequently feel amateurish and heavy handed. Real terror comes in the perversion of everyday spaces.”

Dead Space - Ch. 01 - New Arrivals [2/3]

Dead Space 2 To Start With Isaac At Hospital To Fight Necromorph

Each year there are so many video games launched for various consoles like PS3, Xbox 360 etc. and all of them are awesome but this one which takes all the fame and glory. After launching the glorious video game Dead Space which not only won many awards in different categories like Best Atmosphere, Best Sound design, best game etc and even won the best of 2008 award. Electronic Arts is yet again going to give a shot at the title by launching its sequel Dead Space2 which is going to be released on 31st March, 2011.

Dead Space - Ch. 01 - New Arrivals [3/3]

Dead Space 2 Wants Your Ideas For Creative Dismemberments

We've all had a moment when we were playing through a video game, and after watching a static-do-an-awesome-move to take out a bad guy sequence, we've pondered about doing it differently. Visceral Games is giving gamers their chance to get an idea incorporated into Dead Space 2, with the "Get dismembered in Dead Space 2" contest.

The developers the survival space horror game, want you to hit them with your best ideas for taking off limbs. You can submit your ideas via email, drawing, video, smoke signals, or whatever method you see fit. Visceral will then let the community decide on what they think is the best idea out of the finalist. The winner will have receive the grand prize of getting their face mapped into an in-game character, who will be killed by a Necromorph.

If this is something that you're interested in, you have until March 26, to submit your idea. The winner of the contest will be revealed on April 20. Here's a video explaining what Visceral Games is looking for, and showing off what appears to be some Dead Space 2 in-game action.

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