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Friday, May 20, 2011

Patio Misters

Working Principle of the Patio Misters

Patio MistersPatio misting systems adopt the principle of evaporative cooling method and are known to reduce the temperature by around 30 degrees. To obtain the full cooling effect, the patio mister
has to be installed at least 10 feet off the ground. Due to this height, the patio misting system would also get a sufficiently wide coverage.
Using mist nozzles and a high pressure water pump, tiny water drops are generated and sprayed over the area to be cooled. Interestingly, the place does not get wet nor does it leave any moisture residue on the furniture or any other equipment located in the area.
The main operating principle of the system may be called as flash evaporation. It is produced by an interaction of the water droplets caused by the misting nozzles and the pressure at which the mist is being produced. Obviously, it is the misting nozzles that are chiefly responsible for making the flash evaporation possible.
Water is dispersed flowing via the misting nozzles using a water line close to the patio area. The position of the mist line systems can be anywhere as long as the chosen area has a water source nearby.

The misting fans oscillate and keep continuously spraying a fine mist to a distance of 5 or 6 feet in front of the system, totally drying the atmosphere and cooling the air temperature - producing the effect of a powerful air conditioner. However, you have the choice to allow the fan to oscillate or keep in a fixed direction.

The low pressure patio misting system kit is available in the market and the kit comprises of a mist line, a filter to prevent clogging, misting nozzles, a closure valve, clips for mounting and connecting hose. Make it a point to buy brass misting nozzles as they are durable and trouble-free and also easier to clean. You need to take extra care when purchasing the nozzles as the nozzle is the most critical part.
It is the quality of the nozzle that determines the effectiveness and durability of the entire patio misting systems. The mist lines are however available in varying lengths and you can select the appropriate length depending on the area you wish to cool.
It is quite easy to identify a reliable supplier of high pressure patio misting systems. When you search the Internet, you will come across several suppliers who will offer excellent quality mist systems at affordable process. You can even choose a portable misting fans or a total misting system depending on your needs.Misting fans are also available in different sizes - ranging from 12"to 48"; and you can choose the size and type that best meet your needs.

If you decide to install high pressure misting and fogging systems, you can avail the overhead water lines. The water will get sprayed downwards in the form of a fine mist. If you have installed a quality outdoor patio misting system, you need not fear the summer heat and instead enjoy the outdoors in comfort during the summer months.

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