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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Top 10 Ways to Say 'I Love Me'

I Love Me
You've said it to your spouse, your mom, your best friend. Now how about uttering the three li'l magical words for yourself, for a change? Here's how you can bring about a sea change in the way you look at life.

1) Work out: Your body will thank you for it as you get older. Not just to lose a few inches and wriggle into those skinny fit jeans, but also for stronger bones and general well-being. If a workout routine is already part of your schedule, great going. Change it from time to time to maximize benefits.

2) Change the way you look: Get your hair cut/styled differently or dress up differently every now and then (sporty to feminine, desi to not-so-desi or vice-versa). Guilty of not having changed your hairdo or revamped your wardrobe for as long as you can remember?

3) Kitchen queen: Cooking — not under pressure, that is — can be extremely therapeutic. Whether you’re the kind that enjoys experimenting or following recipes to the T, make a resolve to cook with fresh, wholesome ingredients. Cut out the preservatives and additives. What you eat is what you are.

4) Get back to an old hobby: Loved painting? Playing the guitar? Or good ol' reading till your eyes hurt? Embrace it again. Lump in the throat guaranteed.

5) Pick up a new one: Being open to learning can be the key to feeling and even looking younger than your years. Graphology or gardening, salsa dancing or singing, the world's your stage.

6) Be "young" again: Do the things that you associate with your younger days — whether it's playing hopscotch, indulging a finger painting session, going pub hopping, getting together for a musical jam session or just calling in sick at work and lolling around all day in bed.

7) Nurture life: Remember the "care for an egg like it's your baby" project we had to complete in school? It made us feel responsible for another "life". Those averse to/done with procreation could bring home a pet or a plant.

8) Talk to yourself: We live in noisy times — incessant cacophony thanks to the television, the telephone, traffic, people, et cetera. When was the last time you spoke to yourself without anyone around? Try it. It'll make you feel childlike and help you reconnect with yourself.

9) Listen to yourself: There are some things we can't share with everyone; most people have at least one secret that no one knows. Listen to yourself. Beats paying a shrink to do the same any way.

10) Cry: If you feel like it, that is. Bottled up emotions can be dangerously toxic. The sad part being the negative terms — weak, wimp, baby girl — associated with shedding tears. Few people really let you cry. Else have a good, long weep when you're by yourself.

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