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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Belarus arrests Minsk bombing suspects

BELARUS has arrested two suspects over the attack on the Minsk metro that killed 12, including a man suspected of planting the bomb at the station, deputy prosecutor general Andrei Shved said on Wednesday.

"The first investigative actions are being carried out on these two people with lawyers. The first confessions have been obtained," he said, quoted by the Interfax-Zapad news agency.

"With a great deal of probability we can assume that one of the detained is the perpetrator," he added, pointing to video evidence from the Minsk metro.

The Oktyabrskaya subway station hit by the blast on Monday is within 100m of the presidential administration building.

Yesterday the Health Ministry said that 126 victims of the blast were hospitalised, and 22 of them remain in critical condition.

Viktor Sirenko, the chief doctor of the Minsk Emergency Hospital, said many victims had their legs or arms missing.

President Alexander Lukashenko suggested outside forces could be behind the blast.

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