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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Aluminum Patio Umbrella

How to protect your aluminum patio umbrella

aluminum patio umbrellaIt is due to this factor that patio umbrellas become susceptible to damage. The saving grace however is they can always is restored to normal conditions when properly washed and cleaned.

As a precautionary measure, however, it is advisable that the outdoor patio umbrella is cleaned, completely dried and stored properly during winter months. The umbrella should preferably be kept well-covered to prevent accumulation of dust and dirt. When you take some extra care in protecting the patio umbrella during non-seasonal months, you will not only minimize the likely damages but also help to increase the life-span of the patio umbrellas.

When you restore the outdoor umbrella during spring time, you must check the likely damages, particularly damages caused by mold or mildew. You can always clean your aluminum patio umbrella to give it a bright new look. First, you should spread a plastic sheet or a plastic cloth on the ground. You can then place your fully opened aluminum outdoor umbrellas on the plastic sheet and lightly spray water on it using a hose pipe. Fill a bucket with lukewarm water and add a few drops of any detergent that is not too harsh.

It may be worthwhile to ascertain from the aluminum patio umbrella manufacturer what is the cleaning solution they recommend. Use a gentle sponge or a soft brush for applying the cleaning solution. Avoid using sharp or abrasive cleaners that can irreparably destroy the aesthetics of your umbrella. After you have successfully cleaned the umbrella and removed all dirt and stains, rinse it thoroughly with water and allow it to dry completely under the sun. If you experience any difficulties in cleaning your outdoor umbrella, you can always contact the manufacturer for clarifications.

Spending time to wash your outdoor umbrellas periodically will certainly prolong the life of the umbrella and it will serve you efficiently and faithfully in the summer months. But the big problem is most of us are too lethargic and reluctant to clean the outdoor umbrellas at regular intervals and when winter comes, we thoughtlessly cast aside the umbrella, little realizing that we will need it again next summer.

Spending a small amount of money for procuring a suitable cover for the umbrella is not a wasteful expense but a very useful investment. This type of cover will protect the umbrella from accumulation of dirt and dust and other possible damages through external forces. In fact, covers for outdoor umbrellas are available in a variety of colors and different sizes and you can choose the cover that will blend with your existing decor and ambience.

During inclement weather or if there are gusty winds, it is prudent to close your umbrella and keep it aside. While closing the umbrella, make sure all the ribs collapse correctly against the center pole. It is advisable that the umbrella is in a tight deadlock position so that it does not open up. Whenever you choose to store away your umbrella, make it a point to keep it in an absolutely dry place free from moisture and also away from direct sunlight.

The best solution for this summer are
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  • Custom Patio Umbrellas
  • Patio Table Umbrella
  • Tilt patio umbrella
  • Solar Patio Umbrella
  • Black Patio Umbrella
  • Rectangular Patio Umbrella
  • Lighted Patio Umbrellas
  • Commercial Patio Umbrellas
  • Square Patio Umbrella
  • Sunbrella Market Umbrella
  • Rectangular Market Umbrella
  • Pool Umbrellas
  • Tiki patio umbrella
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