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Friday, February 18, 2011

Who Will Win the Cricket World Cup 2011

ICC World Cup 2011: Who Will Win the Cricket World Cup 2011.

Guys, it is the time to pick favorites for the Cricket World Cup 2011. The countdown for the mega event has begun, and everyone, including the legends of cricket have started picking their favorites to win the World cup. According to the legends of the game India is favorite to win the World cup.

In my opinion India is not favorite to win this World cup, even though they are top contenders for the coveted trophy. One of the main reasons for India's unlikely success is the fact they are playing in front of the home crowd. Such big events like World cup brings a lot of pressure on the players. The title of being favorites adds to already existing pressure of home crowd expectations.

Indifferent form of their best one day batsman Yuvraj Singh could also harm India's chances. Moreover their senior batsman Sachin Tendulkar will be desperate for winning this World cup in order to have at least one big trophy under his belt before he retires from cricket. You can see Sachin Tendulkar faltering or failing when approaching an important milestone. He has never featured in a World cup winning team despite featuring in five editions of the tournament. This is likely to be the last World cup for Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin Tendulkar is known to fail whenever there is pressure on him. Any shrewd captain should be able to exploit this weakness of Sachin Tendulkar.

Another issue would be the spot to play Gautam Gambhir. Gautam Gambhir is better as an opener. He might not be effective in one day games in the middle order, and it could disrupt the whole batting order. There is no clear picture yet as to what combination India is likely to go. There is too much confusion with too many confusing choices. But if some of the players in the Indian batting line up hit purple patch, nothing could stop India from winning this edition of the World cup.

Australian team is not being picked as favorites this time. They are still the at the top of the ICC ranking table. Moreover reduced expectations on the Australian team might work in their favor. What could go against the Australian team is form and future of some of their key players, including their captain and star batsman Ricky Ponting. The Ashes results could also have a bearing on their performance in the upcoming World cup. The Australian team is still a force to reckon with and can peak at the right time to win the World cup.

South Africa is my favorite to win the World cup this time. They neither have the pressure of being favorites, nor they are playing in front of their home crowd. The tag of being chokers might actually work in their favor this time. Because they have been labeled chokers, it may release the any expectations on them, and may ultimately release any pressure on them. They have one of the best batting line up and best the best fast bowler in the world in their line up. South Africa should be able to open their account for World cup trophies.

The most unpredictable team ever, and the most unpredictable team in the tournament. Pakistan is not being given much of a chance by the pundits, but you should discount Pakistan at your own peril. Again, less expectation from this team may eventually work in their favor. Moreover, not having to play before home crowd, yet playing home like condition may also favor them. They may not have the best team in the world on the paper, but have the team to beat any team, and have players who can change the course of the game from any situation.

England has also emerged as a very strong team in the recent past. They could repeat their success in T20 edition of the World cup in the one day version, of course with little bit of luck at crucial stages of the tournament. England also has considerably less pressure on them.

Sri Lanka is a good team, but will be under pressure playing in front of their home crowds. I do not see Sri Lanka going all the way especially without Jaysurya in their ranks at the top of the order, and indifferent form of Tilakratne Dilshan. The Sangarkara's and Jayawardana's are not much effective in one-day format, especially in the absence of big hitters like Jaysurya at the top. They do not have a threating bowling line up either. I do not give much chance to Sri Lanka.

New Zeeland is one team, about whom the less said the better. They have some capable cricketers, but are failing as a unit. A couple of good games at the knockout might just give them an outside chance of winning the trophy.

West Indian team of today is exactly opposite of the West Indian team that participated in the first three editions of this prestigious tournament. I do not see West Indies winning this tournament, but cricket is funny old game.

Bangladesh has the ability to upset quite a few teams in this tournament like it did to India in the previous editions. Ireland too can upset the big teams as it knocked out Pakistan in the initial stages of the tournament in the last edition of the World cup. The rest of the teams, I guess, are mere participants.

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