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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

India vs South Africa 2nd test live score

India vs South Africa 2nd test live score, SA lose 6th wicket.

India vs South Africa 2nd test live score, SA lose 6th wicket Sree takes 3rd SA 131 runs as rampaging Indian bowlers frustrate their efforts to score runs. They have still to add 159 runs to win the match

South African batsmen have a chance today to show that they have great middle order and a good tail when it comes to batting. But they have merely hours to prove that and there are Indian bowlers on the prowl, awaiting mistakes from South African batsmen and exploit them.

Indian bowlers in the series have shown that they too can bowl and bowl well on a bouncy wickets and take advantage of it in the same way as Steyn and Morkel.

If in the first inning it was Zaheer Khan who led Indian pace attack, Sreesanth is proving equally lethal.

He has already scalped three wickets and seem to have dashed South Africans hope of coming back in the match in a big way today.

He has sent Kallis back to the pavilion with not much to show on score board. It was merely within half an hour of the match that Kallis was taken in by Sehwag on a terrific ball bowled by none other than Sreesanth.

South African score is still 123 runs and they have lost four very important wickets.

Kallis who was lethal in the first match is looking like a toothless cub who could do nothing against a rampaging lion from down South.

What a bowling performance from Sreesanth in this inning. Right now AB de Villiers and Prince are at the crease with 25 and 1 runs respectively and South African score stands at merely 125 runs. They have to score 178 runs to win the match.

So stay tuned to know how they do and how Indian bowlers are going to frustrate their efforts.

Watch India vs South Africa 2nd test live score online >>

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