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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Abhijeet Sawant beaten up

India News Updates! Indian Idol winner Abhijeet Sawant's nigh-out with girlfriend, Prajakta Shukre turned into a nightmare.

Reportedly, the couple was returning home from Juhu after a night-out with friends when they decided to race their cars down the empty road. But the fun took a scary turn when Prajakta rammed her Honda City into two teenagers on a motorcycle and seriously injuring them.

On seeing the mishap, Abhijeet, who was driving an Audi, came to his girlfriend's rescue only to be beaten up by the crowd, which gave him and his accompanying friends a much-deserved thrashing.

A police officer confirmed to Mid Day, "On their way back from Juhu, they spotted an empty lane and decided to race for fun. We are waiting for the medical reports after which we will arrest Shukre. The victims are out of danger and are recovering."

A witness to the accident claimed that the couple and their friends were in an inebriated condition.

Salim Khan, a witness told Mid Day, "Sawant immediately got out of the car and began to shield Shukre after the accident. He also hurled abuses at the public."

After the incident, Prajakta was taken into custody for rash and negligent driving but was later released on bail after submitting Rs 3000. Reportedly, singer Sonu Nigam came to the police station after hearing the news about the incident.

Seems like the couple are in for some serious trouble as the police has started investigating the accident on full scale.

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Anonymous said...

So now we would listen some " CRACKER " sound in Abhijit's songs, because of the echoes from under his ears.

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