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Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to make our place cool

Make your backyard a cool place using fan misters

During the hot summer months, you may feel that the sun is blazing around you even if you are indoors.

The days become hotter and hotter and it is quite unimaginable to think about the noon especially. The temperature seems to increase with the days and there have been no signs of slowing down. The summer has become unbearable no matter what the cause of this temperature increase is. However if you are wise, you can combat this heat using fan misters.

Installing a patio misting fan on your patio or backyard is not only an inexpensive way but also very easy method to fight the summer heat. The patio misters have the capability to lower the air temperature around you by 30 degrees and it would be the best investment you can make this summer. You would surely have unlimited fun in your patios and backyard if you have mister systems on place.

You don’t have to compromise with the traditional mechanical fan as the mister systems are far better in the features they offer. The traditional mechanical fan would simply blow the air towards you. During hot season, human body makes adjustments and release sweat to maintain the internal temperature. When the air that is been propelled from the normal fan touches your skin, the sweat is evaporated and the amount of sweat produced would be controlled. In this way you may feel cool while you use the fan.

On the other hand, the patio mister doesn’t try to cool you but ties to cool the air around you. There are special misting nozzles that forces water creating microscopic water molecules. These minuscule water particles get attach to the air particles and in turn cool the air. During the process of cooling the air, the water molecules evaporate leaving the cool atmosphere around you. This is the reason why you are not left with any dampness but only a cool air. The patio misting fan cools the air around you so that you would feel cool.

There are outdoor misting fans as well as indoor misting fans available in the market. Indoor misters as the name suggest is specifically designed to operate inside the house. The outdoor misting fans can b taken anywhere from patios, backyards to stadiums even. Even though an air conditioning system would give you much cooler air, a fan misters is not behind in providing coolness. Moreover mister systems also offer a number of advantages.

The main advantage is that the misting fans are easy to maintain. You don’t need to be electronic gadget savvy to maintain the misting systems. The fan has two basic parts; the fan motor and the water pump. And you can easily do the maintenance and repair tasks concerning to these basic parts. Also most of the mister systems are manufactured in a user friendly manner which allows easy to follow service and there are repairing manuals given with each unit.

Thus the maintenance can be done without cracking your brains. You all know that installing air conditioner is a hassle as you need to measure the area, calculate the size of the a/c etc. but the process of installing fan misters are relatively simple.

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