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Monday, September 13, 2010

A Guide to Misting Systems

Some of the cool guidelines to mist cooling system.

misting systems
During summer, having an air conditioner outdoor may be relaxing for family members. In the Middle of Summer, many people don't like to stay outdoors as sweat keeps rolling down their face and skin. It can improve your outdoor and lifestyle! Do you want to spend more time out by the pool?

Your patio or outdoor space can be cooled quickly by as much as 35 degrees due to misting systems. Buying a misting systems can be very effective for people as they can sit in their backyard for long hours and have fun. Misting systems are big, industrial-looking fans that spray a misty stream of water on your body.

It can be effective for other purposes like frost protection, air filtration, dust abatement, odor removal, fire and smoke control and more. Certain industries like restaurants, poultry and dairy farms, zoos and amusement parks, golf courses, tennis courts, metal forging etc it use it.

Different types of misting systems:

High Pressure misting systems:

High pressure systems are chosen for applications where maximum cooling is needed. These applications would include residential areas, restaurants, amusement parks, sports stadium, hotels and resorts. Other benefits include they can control odors and dust and used to add humidity to a green house or other environments. High pressure misting system is also used for fire and smoke control, frost protection and visual effects in a pool, garden or other areas.

Patio water misters:

Patio misting systems are effective in dry and desert climates which add therapeutic moisture to the air. Benefits of this mist systems are they can cool the environment and reduce dust, pollen and other airborne pollutants. In addition, it can reduce the temperature in a given area by up to 30 degrees. To achieve maximum cooling result, it is advisable that customers install their patio cooling systems at least 10 feet off the ground. Depending on the usage, it is important that you remove the nozzles to clean them. In most cases, this should be done every few months.

Fog Misting Systems:

Before purchasing a fog misting system, carefully evaluate the product. Look for a UL Listing and a CE certification. Ask for quite operation, low maintenance and long life. Make sure that the product you purchase is manufactured from a reputable company which has at least 10 years of experience in the industry and always ask for product warranty. This product is used in backyard patios as well as large commercial venues such as restaurants, hotels, resorts or amusement parks.

Benefits of fog system:

One biggest advantage is that air temperature can drop drastically by up to 35 degrees F.

Second advantage is that mist keeps flying insects like mosquitoes, flies, wasps, hornets and spiders away from the area. Mist can also clean the surrounding area away from dust, smoke, pollution and other common pollutants.

Third benefit is pets can spend time with you in the mist area as they also get hot.

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