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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How are misting fans beneficent?

misting fanSummer can be the hottest season and can cause discomfort to a person. But you can be cool if you set up an outdoor misting system or misting fans. Misting fans are portable and is the best solution for cooling the humidity.

These come in different shapes and size and are easy to carry around. The base of this fan holds water which slowly shoots mist in the air where it evaporates and gives you a cooling effect. These fans are very useful and effective system for breaking down the humidity in summer. You can enjoy the view or have party on your patio with outdoor misting fans. These are light weight can be carried anywhere for cool effect.

The mist fans are known to be authentic and cost effective when equated with air conditioner. The misting fan is eco friendly than other outdoor cooling systems. These save more than 80 % of energy. These fans are generally used by the restaurants, homes, resorts, sport center and many others. These have a power to evaporate the mist produced by the fan with water.

These misting fans can be used everywhere where the room temperature is high and need to cool. The water misters have nozzle in the center of the fan which sprays water on you. The misting fans are very easy to install and use and are also inexpensive. There are two types of mist fans available in the market. There are high pressure misting fans and low pressure misting fans.

High pressure misting fans :

The cooling effect of this fan is more than other misting fan. These are used for large space restaurants or homes. The effect of these misting fansdepends on the levels of humidity. These have an advantage of controlling odor and dust. These are very beneficial for green house because it adds humidity to it. The high pressure misting fans are also used for controlling fire and smoke and protect from frost.

Low pressure misting fans :

These are generally suitable for small spaces. This system requires less energy for producing pressure than high pressure misting fans. These are portable and allow you to detach the misting system from the fan. You can use the mist without using the fan and vise versa. These can also control dust but like high pressure misting fan.

When you buy a misting fan you also need to maintain it properly. There are few steps to be followed while maintaining mist fans. First is to unplug the mist fanswhenever you are not using it. This will save the money for electricity.

Next important thing is cleaning the filters. As said before the mist fans controls dust which is blocked by the filters. If the filters are not cleaned properly then it will affect the whole misting system.

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