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Monday, April 19, 2010

Sandra Bullock Asked to Return Razzie Statue

Sandra Bullock in the Trailer for 'All About Steve'

The co-founder of the Razzie Awards has taken to the media to ask Sandra Bullock to return the award she won last month for Worst Actress.

"We are ready to take the unprecedented step of asking a winner to return a Razzie," John Wilson, the awards co-founder, told the UK's Telegraph newspaper.

Lest you think this gesture has anything to do with her recent personal-life strife, think again: the Razzie judges haven't changed their mind about Bullock's performance in "All About Steve" - they just want the actual trophy back.

It seems they got so caught up in the moment that instead of giving Bullock the intentionally cheap (it's worth a whopping $4.79), spray-painted replica of the award that all winners receive, the Razzies organizers say they inadvertently handed Bullock the original 30-year-old award. Given its age and rarity, the original has much more value as a collector's item.

Mr. Wilson explained the confusion to the Telegraph: "As Sandra was in such a rush after winning Worst Actress she ran off with the original handmade prototype which has been present at ceremonies since the 1980s."

Bullock famously showed up to accept her Worst Actress award for her role in the box-office bomb, "All About Steve," bringing with her hundreds of "Steve" DVDs and promising to return the award if the Razzie judges changed their minds after watching the movie. The next day, Bullock won the Best Actress Oscar for "The Blind Side," making her the only person ever to win both an Oscar and a Razzie in the same year.

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Wilson told the Telegraph that he hasn't asked Bullock personally for the award back because he wants to respect her privacy in the wake of her recent marital troubles, but that doesn't quite make sense. Wouldn't it be more respectful of Bullock's privacy to just call her on the phone and explain the mishap?

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