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Friday, April 23, 2010

Prince: Movie Review

Movie Review, Story Description and Exclusive Trailer of Prince.

Director: Kookie Gulati
Casting: Vivek Oberoi, Aruna Shields, Isaiah

Music video director Kookie Gulati’s feature film debut is designed in the video game mode where, at level one, the lead player robs diamonds by kilos but the story lacks weight. At level two, Gulati chooses to be in his comfort zone and establishes the player’s heist handiness through a music video montage in opening credits.

Vivek Oberoi in PrinceAt level three, Prince (Vivek Oberoi) wakes up wondering who he is, unable to remember anything. At level four he has to decode the real Maya amongst three babes (Neeru Singh, Nandana Sen, Aruna Shields) all of who claim to be his girlfriend and partner in crime. You are assured this game isn’t a version of The Bourne Identity series by level five by when the story loses level-headedness.

A neurologist explains that medical science still hasn’t been able to decipher the intricacies of the human mind. Ironically in the very next scene, some brain-mapping device is able to scan the memory of Prince and project crystal clear images of all past happenings in his life. If that isn’t ludicrous enough, you are also enlightened that the human memory of Prince is transferred on some chip and he has to trace it within a week to survive. Sadly in age of pen-drives, writers take audiences for granted, scripting sci-fi stories beyond belief. More importantly this supposed thriller isn’t even intended to be a sci-fi.

One would have attempted to overlook the cyborg credibility in the storyline had the film been steady in other departments. But Prince is marred with perfunctory performances, standard stunt sequences (Allan Amin), repetitive cinematography shots (Vishnu Rao) and corny dialogues (Mayur Puri). Nicolas Trembasiewicz attempts to package these inconsistencies with his glossy editing.

Vivek Oberoi plays his part mechanically with his attitude throwing antics. Nandana Sen seems miscast and fails to impress. Neeru Singh lacks screen-presence and isn’t given much screen-time either. Aruna Shields displays good anatomy but is raw on performing arts. Sanjay Kapoor is a cheap imitation of Anil Kapoor’s cop character from Race . Isaiah is functional as the negative lead.

Vivek Oberoi suffers intermittent convulsions through the film as his brain hangs like a computer. Wish the viewer had a Ctrl+Alt+Del option. Alas all they can do is curse the makers literally asking them ‘ dimag kharab ho gaya kya? ’

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