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Saturday, April 17, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon Movie Review

Story description, Exclusive trailer of film How to Train Your Dragon.

Movie review: How to Train Your Dragon review. Dream Works' "How to Train Your Dragon" is one another beautiful animation film. The film tells an animated kid's story, adapted from a prominent kids' book series.The film features dragons as dangerous animated characters, though not as behemoth and terrific as dinosaurs.

The story takes us into Island of Berk, where Vikings lived long fighting dragons. The animated fire-breathers always fight Vikings, and cause anger to Viking chief Stoick the Vast (Gerard Butler).But, Stoick's son, named Hiccup (Jay Barucehl) is unable to fight dragons due to some physical reasons. Unlike, all other Viking teenager, he totally ignorant on how to fight the intriguing dragons. Hiccup’ class includes Fishlegs (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), Snotlout (Jonah Hill) and the stout-hearted Astrid (America Ferrera), a young, fightin’lass who loves Hiccup as much as he loves herself.

The story gets a turn when Hiccup comes in friendship with dragons, which he and all Vikings considered as meanest creatures until then. He was led to a warm relationship with dragons once he happened to rescue a wounded dragon, that was later named by Hiccup as Toothless. From his experience with the Toothless, he learns that everything he was told about dragons were incorrect and false. Until then, Hiccup starts to talk, negotiate with dragons. He even learns a few tips on how to calm down a dangerous dragons, and teaches his friends the methods for it.

"How to Train Your Dragon" turns to be great film with wonderful vocal support by Baruchel, Hill and Mitnz-Plasse. Technically most sophisticated "How to Train Your Dragon" is released in 3-D, even producers say that it can be viewed in 2-D too.

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