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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nithyananda's Sex Scandal with Ranjitha - News Updates

Holy swami's unholy acts with heroine Ranjitha.

ONE of India's most popular spiritual gurus, who also has a huge following elsewhere in the world, has found himself at the centre of a raging sex controversy.

Angry villagers ransacked his ashram, a religious retreat, in southern India yesterday after television stations aired footage allegedly showing him fondling two unidentified women in bed. Both were said to be Tamil actresses.

The long-haired Mr Paramahamsa Nithyananda, 32, who claims to have devotees in 33 countries, was not present when the villagers stormed the sprawling retreat and smashed furniture, police said.

The guru has claimed the footage was faked.

Indian websites alleged that the tapes were the result of a sting operation carried out in a hotel or at his ashram, located 30km from the software capital of Bangalore. It is an upscale retreat with an ornate temple and a residential complex housing Indian and Western devotees.

The video was aired on Monday by Sun TV, a television station operating in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. It was also aired on TV9 in neighbouring Andhra Pradesh.

In what is being seen as one of the most shocking and unable to digest kind of situation, the noted spiritual leader Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s real side was exposed. A scandalous video was uncovered by the ABN- Andhra Jyothi channel which has begun to make rounds now.

The video shows Nithyananda indulging big time into drinking and getting intimate with a noted Tamil actress. This is not on the backdrop of the slokas of Bhagawad Geetha that he recites but beats of western music. The video has shown explicit scenes of the man with the heroine.

Nithyananda has got devotees and followers not just in India but across the world and this video is just another example to show what they really are. With the Kalki controversy at its peak, it is time people realize what they are getting into by involving with these swamijis.

Handiwork Of Inmate Premananda?

The footage released on 2nd March, that infuriated devotees of Nityananda is now being called fake and morphed by mission spokesmen who claimed that it is the handiwork of Premananda alias Lenin Karuppan, an inmate of the ashram. The footage shows the guru fondling two women, one of them a Tamil actress, Ranjitha, married to an army officer.

People from the mission claim that Nithyananda tried to stop the airing of the footage but the civil court ruled against the guru and the footage was aired. Swamiji’s spokesman appeared in the media with the help of police protection and said that the footage is fake and is nothing but graphics. He said that all this was done to defame the guru as many were jealous of his popularity. He said action will be taken against the concerned person. The petition has been posted to March 8 for further hearing.

The actress in the video, Ranjitha, is still silent and has not yet given any statement. While mission authorities claim the video to be fake, people who stayed in the Ashram have another story to tell. One of the devotees claimed that during the 3 months in summer when he was at the Ashram, he saw the Guru and actress Ranjitha together all the time.

Nithyananda denounced worldly pleasures and became a spiritual Guru at the tender age of 12. He has more than 10,000 ashrams in 33 countries. According to sources the main source of his income are politicians and celebrities.

Bidadi Nithyananda Ashram attacked

An angry mob on Wednesday attacked the ashram of Swami Nithyananda of the Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam near Bidadi on the city's outskirts after television channels telecast what they said was footage of the godman in a compromising position with a Tamil actress whose identity is still in dispute.

The whereabouts of the Swamiji, who has a considerable following in both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, are not known.

The video, a sting operation by a Tamil channel, hit the airwaves on Tuesday night and was picked up by other channels.

When day broke, a mob attacked the entrance of the ashram, pelting stones and pulling down banners and hoardings of the Swamiji, setting them ablaze. They tore the godman's portraits and damaged the decorative lamps at the ashram's gates, which were closed.

The Ramanagara district police rushed to the spot and dispersed the mob.

Amidst police security, some huts on the ashram property were gutted in a mysterious fire. The angry mob alleged arson by the godman's followers to destroy evidence. Some police officials also suspect likewise.

“The fire broke out around 4.30 p.m. A police force of at least 150 personnel was deputed to the ashram and senior officials, including Ramanagara District Superintendent S.B. Bisanahalli, were around. Entry was strictly prohibited and barring the sevakas (volunteers) there were no strangers inside the ashram. It was in the middle of this that the fire broke out,” said an officer of the Ramanagara district police.

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