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Friday, March 5, 2010

Katrina Kaif in Rajneeti - Trailer

Raajneeti - Theatrical Exclusive Trailer and Story Description

Katrina Kaif, the only femme fatale on the sets of Rajneeti, per this privileged singularity, is being unduly pampered by the remainder, entirely male crew.

At the moment, Kat has a new address which happens to be a dubbing studio located in a Mumbai suburb, booked exclusively for her for 20 days. Prakash Jha has shown unusual favor towards her as a reward of her dedication for his project.

Katrina is restricted by no schedules over the solitary time she spends in the studio to rehearse proficiency and conviction in her hindi dialogues. The male star cast, comfortable with their lines in shudh hindi are easier off.

They spend the extra time instead, to cater to her whims following director Jha's ways. Some exclusive attention the lady seems to have gathered for herself!

Katrina Kaif roots for women's rights.

Katrina Kaif thinks this year is going to be special for her. The actor will challenge her acting abilities by doing a few not-so-routine romantic comedies that people usually associate her with.

Apart from this she is also heavily rooting for women’s rights through an initiative called WAVE (Women Against Violence). An NGO working for this cause is looking to provide a platform for women ill-treated by their partners or families.

“I don’t think real-life incidents are necessary to make one feel strongly about any cause. There are many people working on aiding or eradicating so many issues in the world and I don’t think they have relied on personal experiences to take up the same.

I have taken up this cause because I think this is a serious issue and it can be resolved with a dose of humaneness,” she says. Katrina also has a message for women across India who end up suffering silently.

“For those who suffer silently, I would say look within. There is an inner strength within each woman that can help us overcome just about anything. Also people around us like friends, relatives, colleagues etc. can help. There are several options but the first thing that needs to be voiced and changed is the attitude — a man does not have the right to raise his hand on a woman,” she says.

Coming back to her movies, Katrina is excited about the variety of roles she gets to portray this year. She plays a widow in the political drama Rajneeti. In Farah Khan’s entertainer Tees Maar Khan she teams up again with Akshay Kumar. Finally, she will be seen in a super-glam avatar in Karan Johar’s Dostana 2.

Katrina says, “In Rajneeti I am doing something I have never done before. It’s a very sensitive and serious role. I am also looking forward to Tees Maar Khan. I’m sure it will be a great entertainer. Irrespective of praise or criticism I wish to do good films that challenge me, excite me. As an actor you would love to be appreciated for your performance. I hope to do justice to my fans expectations.”

Katrina Kaif wants sexy saree in RAJNEETI,

Katrina Kaif, the sizzling hot babe of bollywood who plays the part of a widow politician in Prakash Jha’s upcoming prestigious project ‘Rajneeti’ opposite Ranbir Kapoor, Ajay Devgan and Nana Patekar, had a fight over the color of her saree in the film.

Katrina Kaif, who knows that the audiences love her for sizzling hot looks, wanted to wear a sexy saree for the role but director Prakahs Jha was adamant on forcing an off white saree, so that she could look demure in the film. In fact, director Prakash Jha had given a saree to Katrina Kaif keeping in mind her character (which is largely based on Congress President Sonia Gandhi) in the film, but sexy Kat would have none of it and a fierce argument followed on the sets.

Katrina’s argument was that she did not have any objection in wearing saree for the scene but it should be lively and bold colored, as she had worn in several of her films with Akshay Kumar.

However, Prakash Jah told her that in India, widows, and that too, politicians, do not use such bold and lively colors for their outfit, and if she insisted on using them that would rob the flick of its authentic feel. When director continued to stick to his guns, Katrina relented and went in accordance with Prakash Jha’s wishes.

Sources from the set of the ‘Rajneeti’ say that it is for the first time that Katrina Kaif would be seen in a completely deglamourized look in the film. Katrina’s role is completely opposite to what she had been doing till now in her flicks. Her role is not only meaty in the film, but is also likely to delineate a new path to her bollywood career.

Katrina Kaif has done a terrific job in the film even in the presence of such seasoned actors like Nana Patekar, Ajay Devgan etc. The lady has fully justified the confidence posed in her by the ace director Prakash Jha and come out with a winner performance.

During a recent promotional event for the film in Patna, Bihar, Katrina Kaif even tried to speak a few words of Bhojpuri language before the audiences. Though her speech had only few words of Bhojpuri like ‘Ka Haal ba Patna’, but it sent the crowed in to frenzy and they danced with joy.

The major portion of the film has already been completed and post- production is going on in full swing. Katrina Kaif and other stars of the flick are doing dubbing in full speed and the movie is expected to be released very soon.

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