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Monday, March 8, 2010

Indian Premier League (IPL) - News Updates Today

IPL Cricketers To Wear Eco-Friendly Sportswear.

One of the biggest sporting extravaganzas in the country Indian Premier League (IPL) plans for an environment friendly cricket with the players donning eco-friendly sportswear.

The well-known hosiery industry of Ludhiana is all set to help the organisers with its ‘green kits’. IPL team owners like Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta, the Ambani’s have given contracts for the eco-friendly sportswear for their players and it is being expected that fans would love to buy them as souvenirs.

The manufacturers are trying ko keep carbon footprint low for the sportswear. Carbon footprint is the measure of the ‘environment-killer’ carbon dioxide (CO2) released in any activity by way of energy consumed to produce goods or carry out any work.

The specially designed “carbon neutraliser” clothing curtails the vital count at every stage of production — from raw materials to packaging. The average of 6-8 kg CO2 is released in garment manufacture which will come down to 3.5 –4.5 kg per ‘dri-fit garment’ being produced.

About 16 lakh such kits will be produced by different units. Reebok has given the contract to Ankita Impex .Owner Arun Dhand says, “We imported special raw materials, including polyester, which is sourced from recycling. Its carbon credentials have been scientifically established.”

Reebok has received the contract for sportswear from Kolkata Knight Riders, Royal Challengers, Chennai Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab. Global brand, Adidas will provide outfits to Mumbai Indians and Delhi Daredevils .Adidas has given the contract to two other City-based firms — Knitwell Apparels and Ankita Impex’s sister concern run by Dhand’s son Anuj.

The green kits with unique feature of small carbon footprint have many other qualities. The kits are 16 per cent lighter than the ones used in IPL I and II.The new kits will be more comfortable as they have been designed to keep the wearer dry and cool. The fabric facilitates faster evaporation of sweat. The laser-cut holes enhance ‘breathability’ of the garment.

This is for the second time local units have received contracts for fabricating sportswear for the IPL. One of the factory workers Jugraj said, “It was a proud moment when I saw team owner Vijay Mallaya wearing the shirt tailored by me. This time, I’ve asked to be again put on the unit stitching for Royal Challengers.”

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