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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Zone - Movie Review and Story Description

Green Zone - Movie Review, Exclusive Tailor and Story Description

Green Zone movie review: best scenario of Baghdad after the US invasion

Universal Studios’ Green Zone, which is based on 2006 book Imperial Life in the Emerald City by Journalist Rajiv Chandrasekaran is a war thriller directed by Paul Greengrass stars Matt Damon, Greg Kinnear, Amy Ryan and Brednan Gleeson.

The story is a political thriller and captures the scenario of Baghdad after the US invasion into Iraq. The movie depicts the state of Iraq after the coalition forces invaded the area and pinpoints to the corruption, bureaucracy and war politics. There are certain scenes that focus on the moral repercussions of the invasion by the US.

Green Zone
The film earned divergent reviews with some giving it a four star recommendation while others calling it anti- American. Film critics believe that in the present scenario, Iraq War is a delicate subject to bring up and it will elicit very powerful reactions.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun Times gives the movie a four star and comments ‘this is one hell of a thriller. New York Post film reviewer, Kyle Smith calls the movie ‘$100-million slime job’ and says ‘its slander’ and ‘one of the most egregiously anti-American movies ever released by a major studio.’ Some even call it a ‘political paranoia thriller’.

The director somewhere hopes to deal with the sensitive issue and would be able to make an unbiased film about Iraq. He stated that Green Zone is an action thriller set in Iraq and people will enjoy the film without politics getting in the way. But sadly, it didn’t happen. Time and again there are melodramatic speeches and political messages coming up all through killing the very goal with which Greengrass made the film.

Green Zone Exclusive Trailer

Performance vise, Damon delivered a natural performance and the role of a squad leader comes very natural to him. Amy Ryan who plays the journalist has a reputation of being a dependable actress but gets very less screen time to do anything substantial.

Greg Kinnear who plays a political advisor fails at the hands of faulty script writing and looks more like a villain. The movie suffers from many other shortcomings too and it fails to actualize the true potential though being produced by a production house of such caliber.

Moreover, Greengrass’s favorite shaky camera work, pseudo documentary style and grainy shots taken during dark could do nothing better, rather hurt the film. Even the soundtrack was far away from the onscreen drama and did nothing to compliment the scene.

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