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Friday, January 22, 2010

Telangana Issues Today

HC allows Telangana Vaidya Garjana with riders.

Telangana Issues
January 22 2010 : Justice Gopalakrishna Tamada of the AP High Court today issued conditional orders to the organisers of Telangana Vaidyas Garjana for the conduct of a public meeting in Osmania Medical College premises tomorrow afternoon.

The judge asked the Garjana organisers to ensure that only doctors, medicos and paramedics be allowed for the meeting after duly showing their ID cards to the police. The organisers also should ensure that the meeting should be held strictly from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and no provocative speeches made. The organisers should give an undertaking to the City Police Commissioner two

hours before the public meeting that they would abide by the directives of the High Court in this regard. They were asked to take measures that no untoward incident should take place during the meeting. Justice Gopalakrishna also asked them not to hold rallies either prior to or after the public meeting.

B Srikanth and others yesterday approached the AP High Court when they were denied permission for the Garjana by the city police. The Court had asked the City Police to reconsider the application. When the police once again refused permission, Garjana organisers moved a lunch motion today.

In a related development, Justice Gopalakrishna permitted Telangana Advocates JAC to organise relay hunger strike in front of the AP High Court. However, the judge put a condition that speakers at the relay hunger strike camp should not make any provocative speeches and also should ensure that the general public is not put to inconvenience.

Former APHC Bar Association president Satyam Reddy assured the court that there would not be more than four advocates on the relay hunger strike camp in accordance with the prohibitive orders in force in the High Court area.

Telangana warriors invade T20 pitch

After giving a scare to IT and other business interests located in and around Hyderabad, the Telangana agitation is now threatening to knock off the city from hosting international cricket matches and other sporting events.

On a day when the entire region remained peaceful, Telangana activists from Osmania University invaded Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Uppal on Thursday and disrupted Deccan Twenty20 Cup cricket tournament tie between Hyderabad and Andhra Ranji teams.

Six teams - IPL-II defending champions Deccan Chargers, Orissa, Hyderabad and Andhra Ranji teams, Hyderabad Under-22 and Hyderabad Under-19 - are participating in the tournament which started on the second day of the bandh called by the Telangana JAC of political parties in protest against the police action on OU campus on Wednesday.

Barely four overs into Hyderabad and Andhra match, around 100 Telangana supporters barged on to the field from Gate IV shouting slogans in favour of a separate state and uprooted the stumps and halted play. They requested us to cancel the match and since it was the early stages of the tournament, we decided not to take any chances and called off the tie. a Hyderabad Cricket Association official said.

It was total confusion at the ground as all hell broke loose and the officials were caught completely off guard. It took Rapid Action Force about 10 minutes to arrive on the scene but by then, players had sauntered off the field.

The activists staged a sit-in between the pitch and the pavilion and shouted pro-Telangana slogans Jai Telangana and Go Back Andhra - before they were cleared off the field. Despite assurances from the police, the organisers, players and the captains agreed to call off the match with a point awarded to each team.

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