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Friday, December 11, 2009

Miss World 2009 Finalists Today : Live Telecast

Miss World 2009 competition time schedule for Telecast
Miss World 2009 Finalists Today : Live Telecast

December 12, 2009 - With the Miss World 2009 beauty pageant airing live from South Africa, many people throughout the rest of the world are asking What time does the Miss World 2009 competition start?

The answer in the United States is 10 am EST on Saturday morning.

Those living in London and Paris can view the live show at 3 pm.

Sydney Australia residence can view the Miss World 2009 telecast at 2 am in the morning Sunday.

Those living in Seoul and Tokyo will be able to watch at midnight Saturday.

Manila will be able to tune in at 11 pm Saturday night.

In Johannesburg, the Miss World competition gets underway at 5 pm.

Mexico City will be able to tune in at 9 am.

Mumbai the show will air at 8:30 pm.

In Moscow the show will air at 6 pm Saturday.

Odds across the board on Miss World 2009 were as follows:

Miss World 2009

Evs Jennifer COLON (Puerto Rico)

5/2 Perla BELTRAN (Mexico)

6/1 Chloe MORTAUD (France)

8/1 Tatum KESHWAR (South Africa)

9/1 Leah MARVILLE (Barbados)

16/1 Mariatu KARGBO (Sierra Leone)

18/1 Zeynep SEVER (Belgium)

18/1 Kerri BAYLIS (Jamaica)

20/1 Kaiane ALDORINO (Gibraltar)

20/1 Katharine BROWN (Scotland)

20/1 Sophie LAVERS (Australia)

20/1 Nadege,VASQUEZ (Panama)

25/1 Pooja CHOPRA (India)

25/1 Ivana VASILJ (Croatia)

25/1 Cherie GARDINER (Norway)

25/1 Marie Ann UMALI (Philippines)

25/1 Alice TATICCHI (Italy)

25/1 Eruza SASAKI (Japan)

25/1 Lena MA (Canada)

28/1 Luciana REIS (Brazil)

28/1 Kerenina HALIM (Indonesia)

28/1 Happie NTELAMO (Namibia)

33/1 Barbora FRANEKOVA (Slovakia)

33/1 Magdalena SCHOEMAN (New Zealand)

33/1 Carmen FERN?NDEZ (Spain)

33/1 Ievgeniia TULCHEVSKA (Ukraine)

33/1 Anna HAMMEL (Austria)

33/1 Adi RUDNITZKY (Israel)

33/1 Thi Huong Giang TRAN (Vietnam)

40/1 Nuraisa LISPIER (Aruba)

40/1 Shanel DEBATTISTA (Malta)

40/1 Evelyn ALBALAT (Argentina)

40/1 Flavia ARZABE (Bolivia)

40/1 Chrystalla TSIALI (Cyprus)

40/1 Cherie GARDINER (Northern Ireland)

40/1 Ksenia SHIPILOVA (Russia)

40/1 Marijana POKRAJAC (Montenegro)

40/1 Thanuja ANANTHAN (Malaysia)

50/1 Antonia PETROVA (Bulgaria)

50/1 Sin Ting LAU (Hong Kong China)

50/1 Jelena MARKOVIC (Serbia)

50/1 Orsolya SERDULT (Hungary)

50/1 Alessandra ALORES (Germany)

50/1 Sanna KANKAANP (Finland)

50/1 Blaise ALVARADO (Hondura s)

50/1 Ebru SAM (Turkey)

50/1 Lucy WHITEHOUSE (Wales)

50/1 Laura PATTERSON (Ireland)

50/1 Loredana SALANTA (Romania)

66/1 Tamara ZAPATTINI (Paraguay)

66/1 Andrea SARAC (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

66/1 Diana NILLES (Luxembourg)

100/1 Gamya WIJAYADASA (Sri Lanka)

100/1 Beatrice BLAISE (Guadeloupe)

100/1 Ieva LASE (Latvia)

100/1 Nanihi BAMBRIDGE (Tahiti)

100/1 Sumaiyah MAROPE (Botswana)

150/1 Shu-rina WIAH (Liberia)

150/1 Nompilo MNCINA (Swaziland)

150/1 Vanessa SIBANDA (Zimbabwe)

Better Miss World 2009 betting odds may be found at

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